American Express Small Business – Baker

As part of Amex’s Small Business Saturday campaign, we were commissioned to produce a series of 8 films featuring local business owners, talking about their passion for what they do – along with 4 films featuring business expert, Sarah Willingham.

The challenge: Create a series of films to run on Facebook, supporting American Express’s ATL campaign for Small Business Saturday. They needed to feature local business owners, be editorial in style and genuinely useful.

The solution: When our friends at Cake were asked to create 12 films in just 4 weeks (from briefing to delivery), they knew exactly who to call. The client had a specific idea of what they wanted – even down to the scripts; our job was to get to grips with their vision, source the talent and make it all happen. Fast.

The result: American Express UK thought these were the best online films they’ve ever done. In fact they were so pleased with the quality, they showed them to their colleagues in the US as an example of how it should be done. One film alone got over 20,000 views in just a few weeks.