The challenge: Although Austria is a favourite with British travellers during the winter, the majority of people are unaware of what the country offers in summer. That’s where we came in…

The solution: For the second year running, we produced a series of 10 videos to the Austrian National Tourist Office’s traffic-driving campaign, aimed at increasing visitors to their website – and ultimately Austria itself.

While the client had already identified the stories they wanted to feature in each destination, it was down to us to decide how those stories were told. So rather than have a presenter talking to camera about how great these places are (there’s too much of that online these days), we simply showed our man Matt Carroll meeting colourful local characters. After all, it’s the people you meet who really make a place special, right?

The result: Not only did the client love the films, but so did the opinion formers and bloggers that they were seeded with. Traffic to the client’s site increased, as did visitor numbers to the destinations that we featured. Job done.