Visceral Marketing™ – An effective approach

To get your message across, you need more than just a big, ‘clever’ idea. Because the fact is, consumers don't just buy with their heads: they go with their guts.

That's why at Media Ark we’ve developed a special approach to brand communications, which we call Visceral Marketing™.

Talk to our tech guys and they'll tell you its success is all down to our clever algorithms and patented software (which it is, partly). But really it's about the ancient art of telling a good story – something us humans have been doing since we were living in caves – and we’ve been doing, professionally, for 20 years, as journalists, film-makers and ad’ creatives.

Once we establish your business objectives, we’ll use a combination of insight and our unique understanding of your audience, to deliver the right kind of story to the right kind of people. We’ll then measure the results so you can see the success of all this in black and white.

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What’s so different about Visceral Marketing™?

‘Big ideas’, ‘creating stand-out’ and ‘ROI’ are all important. But at Media Ark we know that what really counts is making your audience feel something.

And the secret to this is to tell them a story – something authentic, relevant and emotive.

Get this bit right and your audience will trust you, believe in you and want to hear more. Get your story wrong... who’s going to listen?