The challenge: Mention Aspen to most people and they immediately think of expensive hotels and celebs in oversized sunglasses. We needed to show the great British skiing public that there’s more to the place than this – much more…

The solution: We created a series of five films, each telling a unique editorial story that showcased the variety of experiences on offer here. Thanks to our in-house ski expert, Matt Carroll, there’s not much we don’t know about winter sports, so coming up with story ideas that resonate with UK travellers was easy.

The result: We distributed the films to the Daily Mail Ski & Snowboard Magazine’s online channel, MetroSnow.TV (accompanied by a major print feature in the magazine itself) and secured an editorial commission in The Independent – giving Aspen quality, targeted exposure to more than 300,000 British skiers. The best bit? UK skier visits were significantly up the following year.