MSC Cruises

The challenge: Create an innovative, pan-European campaign, using bloggers and social media to attract younger audiences to the brand.

The solution: We sourced and invited six influential bloggers onto a three-day luxury cruise – taking in Rome, Portofino and Barcelona. Aside from personal butlers and a constant supply of Champagne, we gave each of them a professional camera crew, so they could present their stories, their way.

This was a huge project involving bloggers, camera crew, editors, writers and PR staff from all over Europe. For each blogger, though, the trip felt very personal.

The result:

  • Nearly 3 million interactions on Twitter alone;
  • 18,775 video views on YouTube;
  • 619 hours of viewing (over 34 minutes per video).

Plus, MSC ended up with a suite of 18 videos, which we translated into six languages for use across their eDM database, worldwide Facebook pages and YouTube channels.