Tesco Finest relaunch – Haddock

The challenge: As part of Tesco’s relaunch of its flagship ‘Finest’ range, the supermarket giant wanted to tell the story of the people and passion behind its products. This was the biggest investment Tesco had made in the Finest range in 15 years. No pressure then...

The solution: Thanks to our background in editorial and advertising, we know instinctively how to identify a story that emotionally engages the audience. Each of our films had a unique narrative that stood up on its own merits – even if you took Tesco out of it. Plus they looked rather lovely too.

The result: In just six weeks we co-ordinated a pan-European shoot, creating 12 films, beautiful stills and multiple edits for online and in-store use. According to Tesco (and our client, Cedar), we raised the bar for their online films.

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