The challenge: Produce a series of videos that show comedy writer Alex Worrall embarking on various ‘life-enhancing’ experiences in order to make him a better man. The films were destined for a Guardian microsite, designed to support the Trebor ‘Taste of sweet success’ campaign launched by Fallon. So we needed to balance the brand values of The Guardian and the messaging of the main campaign – without any reference to Trebor itself. Tricky.

The solution: After sourcing the London locations, we came up with a creative outline that made people laugh, without straying into obvious comedy. The films were produced to extremely tight deadlines (aren’t they always?), and stakeholders Seven Publishing were rather thrilled with the results.

The result: Strong direction from us, and some self-deprecation from Alex, ensured that the films were a roaring success. if you’ve ever wondered what zumba is all about, click above.